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Under The Oak Consulting started life as MMJ Consulting, LLCWhy the name change?  Michele Jordan began a consulting business in 2003 to supplement the household income while staying home with her children.  The business started with a single customer contracting for firewall and network administration services remotely.  From there through word of mouth the business and services offered grew.  Although the primary goal is to serve our customers in a professional and competent manner, a strong second is to provide a flexible contract work environment for Michele and others in the same position.  If you do not need a full-time, on-site consultant, we hope that you will consider us.

Hiring Under The Oak Consulting to perform services for your organization is a little unorthodox.  There is no sales staff.  You'll speak and work directly with Michele.  We limit our service offering to services that can be performed remotely, unless you're nearby.  We offer quality services at a very competitive rate, creating a win-win situation for both contractor and customer.

 Under The Oak Consulting, LLC is a home-based business. Because we don't have the overhead of an office or sales staff, we can offer a lower and more flexible rate structure than most organizations providing the types of services we offer.  We have been known to provide further rate discounts to organizations that are non-profit, or for services that "stretch" the current knowledge base.  Our goal is employment and professional growth for Michele and others, and our rates reflect that goal.


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